Features   Director / Production
THE NEW AGE Supporting opp. Judy Davis Michael Tolkin / Producer Oliver Stone
CAESAR & OTTO’S SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE   Co-Star opp. Joe Estevez Dave Campfield / Fourth Horizon Cinema
HENRY’S FUTURE                                                         Romantic Lead DonnaMarie Vaughan / Challenge Films
SPECTER’S ROCK                                                         Co-Star opp. Mike Anderson Josh Eisenstadt / Specter’s Rock Prods
CARETAKER  Supporting Jim Tugend / Houston World Festival Gold
SILENT WHISPERS                                                        Supporting Brent Beebe/ Indie
TRIPLE THREAT                                                             Co-Star Mark Vasconcellos / Indie
BOXES (IFC)                                                                   Co-Star Rene Besson/B B Productions / Indie
SWEET TOOTH                                                               Lead Dan Cohen / Best Music Video Award.
Television   Director / Production
PARANORMAL (Pilot)                                                     Co-Star Kip Shelton / Paramount
DETECTIVE BALLS MCNEIL (Pilot)                                Starring Dan Sullivan / Lobotomy Prod.
STAR TREK T.N.G.                                                           Co-Star opp. Michael Dorn Patrick Stewart / Paramount
DAYS OF OUR LIVES                                                     Co-Star  (3 episodes) Various Dir. / Corday Prod/NBC
BAYWATCH Co-Star opp. Alexandria Paul Greg Barnett / NBC
Stunt / Actress   Director / Production
N.Y.P.D. BLUES                                                              Stunt Actor opp Dennis Franz Gregory Hoblit / Bochco / Fox
The X FILES                                                                       Recurring Stunt Actor Various Directors / Fox
AMERICA’S MOST WANTED                                         Precision Driver David Hogan / New Line
DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER                                          Stunt Actor Joshua Wallace / Kandice King Prod.
McDONALDS Performer / Stunt Motorcycle Burrell Productions.
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Robin Ritter - SAG/AFTRA
Height: 5' 7" Hair: Brown w/ Highliughts Eyes: Brown