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This page is the archive site for Chaotic Fringe. Posting before the revamp on August 30, 2015 are contained here. Feel free to explore the posts from the past. To return to the current Chaotic Fringe, click on the button below.

Podcast 2015/08/28 - Faith and Devotion
Ranting About Memes
Recap: Frustrations of Unemployment
Searching Republican Crowds
Podcast 2015/08/21 - Oingo Boingo
TV Reviews: Minority Report, Lucifer and Blindspot
Relationship Realities for Some
Podcast 2015/08/14 - Hard Rock
Podcast 2015/08/07 - Teasing the 80s
The Misinterpretation of Action Comics 42
Podcast 2015/07/31 - Ultra Heavy Metal
Sam Dubose Smeared before Justice
The People's Front Runners
Podcast 2015/07/24 - British Invasion
Podcast 2015/07/17 - Late Night Music
The Black Panel at SDCC
The MARCH Graphic Novel Panel at SDCC
Government Maze Runner
Comic-Con Travelogue 2015
MMO Review - SWTOR and STO
Podcast 2015/07/03 - San Diego Comic-Con 2015
Movie Review: Terminator Genisys
Not An Exciting Pre Geekweek for Me
An Example of Character Creation
A Way to Enjoy the San Diego Comic-Con
Podcast 2015/06/27 - Dancing Sci-Fi

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